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Welcome to KUSD#20

Upcoming Events

  1. Quarter 2: Progress Reports

    November 8 - November 11
  2. Veterans Day (No School)

    November 11
  3. Thanksgiving Break

    November 22 - November 25
  4. Semester Finals: 9-12 (Minimum Attendance)

    December 15 - December 16
  5. First Semester Ends

    December 16

A Message from Our Superintendent

Dr. Gretchen Dorner

“Kingman Unified School District is dedicated to giving our students the best education possible with an emphasis to excellent student academic growth. We believe in preparing our students for prekindergarten through twelfth grade success, whether it is being college ready, technical school ready, and / or career ready. KUSD believes in educating the whole child emphasizing the “Four As” – Academics, the Arts, Athletics, and Activities.”

Mission Vision Values and Priorities


KUSD welcomes ALL students on a learning pathway to informed and engaged citizenship.

The phrase welcomes all students means to receive or accept with pleasure, all students.
The phrase learning pathway means specific courses, academic programs, and learning experiences that individual students complete as they progress toward high school graduation.
The word informed means a decision based on knowledge or facts of a situation.
The word engaged encompasses a student or person’s attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion.
The word citizenship means the state of being a member.

Priority: Staff & Student Wellbeing

Because we value showing compassion and being attentive and responsive to the needs of students, our vision includes committing to a district-wide focus on providing services that address the four pillars of staff and student wellbeing including: physical, emotional, intellectual and relationship needs.

Priority: Communication & Collaboration

Because we value communication, inclusion, diversity and teamwork, our vision includes engaging in meaningful and inclusive communication about what is important to stakeholders and building responsible relationships among families, schools and the community.

Priority: Equitable & Accessible Learning Environments

Because we value engagement, confidence, innovation and reflection, our vision includes building school and district systems that lead to engaging and relevant learning opportunities for all staff and students.

Priority: Effective & Transparent Transitions

Because we value purpose, accountability and transparency, our vision includes preparing for milestone transitions where all stakeholders know the pathways and measures of success from pre-k through high school graduation and into the world beyond the classroom.

Tax Form Pencil and Calculator

Tax Credit School Donations

Consider making a dollar-for-dollar tax credit donation to any KUSD 20 school today, before the tax season starts.