Board Members

Toni Henry, Board President

Toni Henry

Board President

Lori Grant, Board Vice President

Lori Grant

Board Vice President

Dr. Roger Cox, Board member

Dr. Roger Cox

Board Member

Boyd Hardy, Board Member

Boyd Hardy

Board Member

Starr Jensen, Board Member

Starr Jensen

Board Member

Valerie Portillo
Board Secretary

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The School Board

Your School Board is composed of five citizens elected to serve terms of four years each. At the end of his/her term, a Board Member wishing to continue his/her unsalaried services to the community must be re-elected to an additional term. State law does not limit the number of terms a member may serve. Voting for School Board positions takes place during the November General Election. All Board Members are elected at large. Vacancies are filled by appointment or election until the next regular election.

KUSD Policy Manual

Function Of The School Board

The Board’s function is decision making. It wants to hear the sentiments of the public to assist in making those decisions, but time spent answering routine questions or criticisms is taken from more important business. If a resident has a question about the operation of the schools, he/she is encouraged to contact the teacher or administrator closest to the situation. Experience has shown that this is the best procedure. The questioner gets the response he/she wants directly; the Board is freed to consider other matters.

To view information about the Mohave County Schools Superintendent and related material, please visit the Mohave County website.

Mohave County Schools Superintendent Website

However, it is the policy of the Board to hold itself readily available to residents and employees of the district for the hearing of reports and petitions and where necessary, for appeal from administrative determinations and interpretations. If after consultation with the Superintendent, any resident or employee wishes to address the Board, he/she is welcome to do so in a regular, or, if proper notice is given, in a special meeting.

In entertaining a request or complaint from residents or employees, the Board does not obligate itself to act upon such request or complaint unless it is submitted in writing. The Board further reserves the right to defer its reply or action until it has had reasonable time to give full consideration to the matter. These restrictions are intended not to impede communication with the Board, but to enable the Board to have all the facts upon which its decisions must be based.

Unless The Meeting Is Specifically Designated As A Public Hearing, A Board Meeting Is Not A Public Meeting. It Is A Meeting Of The Board In Public.

Your continued interest and support of your public schools will guarantee their excellence. Please join us on the second Tuesday of each month for our board meetings.

Charges, Complaints Or Challenges

At a public meeting of the Board, no person shall orally initiate personal charges or complaints against individual employees of the district. Any charges, complaints, or challenges shall be presented to the Superintendent or Board in writing, signed by the complainant. All such charges, if presented to the Board directly, shall be referred to the Superintendent for investigation.

Address The Board

To submit a request to address the board, download and print out our request form using the button below. Turn in the completed form to the KUSD District Office at least one week prior to the next board meeting.
Request To Address The Board

The Superintendent Of Schools
The Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Gretchen Dorner, is appointed by the Board and acts as its executive officer in administrating their policies in the operation of the schools. She also acts as adviser in keeping the Board informed of the needs and programs of the schools. The Superintendent is available to the Board as a professional resource, and her recommendations normally precede any Board action on questions relating to recruitment and supervision of professional staff, selection of textbooks and instructional materials, development of curriculum, school plant planning and fiscal affairs.

How To Get Items On The Agenda
An individual or representative of a group who wishes to address the Board should submit a written request to the superintendent no later than one week prior to the board meeting, indicating the subject of his/her remarks in order to have the subject listed on the agenda of the next meeting.

In keeping with Board policy, we hope you can express your ideas in three minutes or less. The president will limit discussion whenever he/she deems such an action appropriate to the proper conduct of the meeting.