Accelerated & Gifted Learning

Accelerated & Gifted Learning Pathway

Kingman Unified School District no. 20 is proud to offer advanced students of all levels the chance to participate in special, accelerated academic programs.

Talk to your school's administration to learn more about Accelerated and Gifted student screening.

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Screening Windows for Accelerated & Gifted Students

These dates are specified on the KUSD Assessment Calendar viewable below.


KUSD Advanced Learning Programs Promise Opportunity for when you want more for your education.

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For Further Inquiries, Contact

Margaret Stevenson
Advanced Learning Coordinator
phone: (928)753-5678 ext.2120

Screening Calendar and Protocol

  1. First screening window: Fall Window - September; Winter window - January on a case-by-case need; Spring window on a case-by-case and teacher recommendation the first week of May.

  2. As the screener results warrant, the post-screener will be given within a week.

  3. All Second graders will be screened. Screening will take place in April/May as it fits in the District Assessment Calendar.

  4. Data using the CogAT and i-Ready scores will be used to indicate a student's continued enrollment in an accelerated class.

  5. A continued placement in an accelerated classroom is not guaranteed. Starting the school year 2023-2024, in order to stay in the Gifted/Accelerated program, students must “Learn Your Way” to the next grade level. i-Ready and, when possible, CogAT scores will be used to make this determination. Schools and classroom teachers will stay in constant communication with parents regarding progress.

Defining Accelerated

The term “Accelerated” will include ALL CogAT designated gifted students and students who meet the “Accelerated Learner Criteria” determined by the district Gifted/Accelerated Learning committee.

Gifted Screening

All district and state designated gifted students will be placed in Accelerated classes per grade level

  • State giftedness qualifies with 97+ on the CoGAT.

  • District giftedness qualifies with a 95 or 96 on CogAT.

Accelerated Learning Placement

Criteria for Accelerated Learning placement is based on the availability of classes and criteria below:

  • A CogAT score of 80+ in at least one area (V, N, Q)

  • Ranking list of iReady using the average of the last two diagnostics and/or AASA scores

  • Teacher Recommendation based on district Accelerated Learner Criteria and/or TAB Observation.

  • Site Team evaluation of the above to recommend placement based on class sizes, endorsed teachers, and space available on campus.