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Strategic Plan Priorities

Strategic Plan Priorities

Staff & Student Wellbeing

KUSD commits to a district-wide focus on providing services to address the physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of staff and students. We will,

  • Monitor measures of school safety to ensure all staff and students have access to safe learning environments.
  • Implement research-based approaches designed to address the emotional and relationship needs of all staff and students.
  • Implement district-wide systems to identify unique intellectual needs that may affect wellbeing.

Communication & Collaboration

KUSD provides opportunities to engage in meaningful, two-way communication about what is important to stakeholders by building responsible partnerships with families and the community. We strive to,

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to host special events and activities that increase awareness.
  • Execute consistent and meaningful two-way communication with parents & guardians regarding student needs, goals and progress.
  • Recognize and celebrate students, families, teachers, schools and community members committed to pursuing excellence for all students.
  • Coordinate systems of aligned messages designed to promote procedural, resource, situational, and impact information.

Equitable and Accessible Learning Space

KUSD builds district and school systems that lead to engaging and relevant learning opportunities for all staff and students. We strive to,

  • Recruit and retain staff to ensure all students have access to high quality instructional environments.
  • Provide guaranteed curriculum and common formative assessments at all grade levels in CORE subject areas.
  • Engage all students as invested and active participants in the school and community by developing the whole child through research based instructional models and intervention programs.

Effective & Transparent Transitions

KUSD plans for milestone transitions where all stakeholders know the pathways and measures of success from pre-k through high school graduation and beyond. We strive to,

  • Implement early warning and support systems at all grade-level milestones for students at risk of failing or dropping out.
  • Expand and strengthen relevant, well-defined and varied CCR pathways.
  • Develop transition plans to support ALL students at each transition level.
  • Collaborate with college, military and career leaders to create a pipeline of prepared students.


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