KUSD #20 Kingman Online Learning Academy

At Kingman Unified School District, we take pride in the care for our students. That is why, while COVID-19 remains a community health concern, KUSD will provide an alternative, online instructional model to ensure all students have access to a high-quality education.

What is the KUSD Online Learning Academy?

Our Online Learning Academy option allows students to remain in the online academy rather than transition into the in-person classes once schools officially open. Some highlights of this option include:

  • Whether schools are opened or closed
  • Four days per week at home on personal device
  • Blended model that provides online learning with on-site support at learning center
  • While on campus, students will adhere to all on-site learning experience protocols
  • May participate in after school extracurricular activities, following guidelines and safety measures
  • Access to virtual electives (K-12)
  • Social and emotional support to promote student, staff, and family wellness
  • Teacher virtual office hours available to support all students
  • High-quality digital curriculum using Arizona standards
  • Technology may be available if student meets criteria

Who should choose Online Learning?

Some scenarios in which students/families should choose this option may include:

  • a kindergarten student who needs to start school, but parents not ready to have on campus; family has vulnerable people in the home
  • student loves the idea of attending school online while having all the athletic and activity options available; in no hurry to return to campus during the fall due to the uncertainty of the virus
  • self-driven student with at-home family members; parent(s) immediately or regularly available to assist with supplemental instruction and educational guidance as needed
  • etc.

What do I have to do to choose this option?

A student planning to choose the Kingman Online Learning Academy option should do the following:

  1. Apply to the Kingman Online Learning Academy using the Kingman Online Learning Application Form

If accepted, students may then:

That’s it!

Kingman Online Learning Application

The KingmanOnline Learning Academy program is available to students and families who meet specific criteria. Follow the link to fill out and submit our Online Learning Application Form.

Student Device Use Agreement

All students who make a request to take home a KUSD device for online learning must agree to our Student Device Use Agreement. Follow the link to view the document.

Please Note: The Kingman Online Learning page is a work in progress. Check the page regularly as we will be adding important links, helpful resources, useful guides, and special dates soon.