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Parents, did you know your child can ride the wave of success with healthy breakfast options at school?

Established in 1989, National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) celebrates how school breakfasts can set students up for daily success. By observing this special week every year, we’re encouraging all K-12 schools to recognize the importance of a healthy start to the day with breakfast to fuel children’s academic success.

Children who eat breakfast are more likely to...

  • Attain higher levels of achievement in subjects such as reading and math
  • Achieve higher scores on standardized tests
  • Have reduced absenteeism and tardiness
  • Exhibit improved concentration, alertness, comprehension and memory
  • Improve their classroom behavior
  • Maintain a healthy weight

Dive deeper and grab more #NSBW tools and resources at

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Hi, KUSD Families!

Have you heard about how you can use your tax credit to benefit your student’s schools? If not, please visit our KUSD website for more information and watch our YouTube video using the link below to see if this something you are interested in.

Tax Credit Donations

Your contributions can be made to any school of your choice within our district and can either go to their Athletics department, Academic Enrichment, Fine Arts or to the School's discretion. The best part is 100% of your tax credit will be used for activities that support your child or programs within our district.

To be eligible to receive the credit for this year, the schools or district office must receive your donation by Tax Day, which is April 15th, 2024. You have the option to claim the tax credit in either the previous tax year or in the year the contribution was made.


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KUSD #20 is auctioning off a large number of items online!

You can browse through the list online: KUSD20 Items

As our district continually improves it's facilities, older equipment is often replaced. Be sure to take advantage of the auctions, as many of these items are great for personal use or could  benefit a business as well. Check it out!

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KUSD Families and Community,

We appreciate your patience while we researched and navigated to find a way to provide an after school care program since the abrupt closure of the Club For Youth program.

At this time, we are unable to move forward with opening an After School program at the former Club For Youth building due to the time it takes to obtain licensing.

Most of our schools have some type of after school activities or clubs for your students to participate in. Please call your school site's administration team for more information.



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