Color Status Guide

To quickly communicate the current status of our school’s learning environments to our community, Kingman Unified is providing an easily-recognizable color-coded button to our homepage. The button color represents the three learning models available to all KUSD schools and students dependent upon COVID-19 precautions and other, potential emergencies.

Current Status:

A/B Schedule

For an overview of each color and the learning model it represents, please read the following guide:

Virtual Learning

The red Virtual Learning status means that students will only participate in school from home all four days of the week on district devices, personal devices, or through packet work.  Lessons may be delivered through digital platforms, such as Google Classroom, Schoology or support videos. The special education team will work directly with families to schedule required services and therapies. Expect to hear from your student's school with specific information regarding the virtual learning plan by site.

A/B Schedule

The yellow A/B Schedule Learning status means that students will participate in school on a varied schedule.  Students will be on campus for two alternating days and at home the other two days a week. Educators may teach the Arizona standards through live and digital platforms or through homework and assignments. Each school will have a list of student schedules should the A/B Learning option become necessary. Student schedules are generally based on student last names as follows:
A - K will attend school on Mondays and Wednesdays;
L - Z will attend school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Please contact your school directly if you have any questions or you have multiple students with conflicting schedules.

In Person Learning

The green In Person Learning status means that students are clear to participate in classes at their school campus all four days of the week as normal.  Extra safety requirements are still in effect and will be enforced as outlined in the Return to Learn Guide. Contact your student's school directly with any questions.

Please Note: The color status on this website represents the current situation of the district at large and may not apply to every individual school site. Please check with your student’s school to confirm their specific learning environment.

KUSD#20 COVID Dashboard

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Return to learn School Reopening Guide

For more specifics on our district’s school policies and procedures, view our Return to Learn School Reopening Guide: