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Communications Office

The Kingman Unified School District Communication Office oversees all district efforts to provide our school community with meaningful two-way communication that builds engagement, collaboration and confidence through a variety of ways.

  • Work with local media outlets to promote the wonderful learning taking place at KUSD.
  • Collaborate with our web designer to update the website content to provide current, accurate information to current and potential families.
  • Take photos and videos of school events.
  • Provide design and copy for flyers, brochures, banners, and more.
  • Promote district and schools through the use of social media and newsletters.
  • Provide crisis communication support to schools and the community when necessary.
  • Collaborate with district leadership to produce annual district report.
  • Collaborate with Information Technology as needed to film and publish district-wide events and Board of Education meetings and provide programming and advertising for YouTube channel and podcast.

The KUSD Communications Office welcomes the opportunity for meaningful conversations about how we communicate and share in our mission to welcome all students on a learning pathway to informed and engaged citizenship.

Reach out at or call 928-753-5678.


In an effort to keep you informed about KUSD schools, we communicate in a number of ways including but not limited to, the district website, school websites, OneCall, newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


Social Media Directory

To be included on this page, accounts must:

  • Represent an official KUSD school, department or student organizations.
  • Be active within the last six months.



These files are intended for internal KUSD use only and as they are on a restricted Google Drive.

Edit colors, mission, school emblem as needed:



Virtual Community Backpack

The Kingman Unified School District recognizes that community organizations may want to share opportunities with students that are non-curricular but have social, recreational or educational value. 

As a result, we permit the distribution of informational materials that meet district standards.