KUSD #20 Parent Letter [November 13th]

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November 13, 2020

Dear KUSD Families,

KUSD schools will remain fully open the week of November 16th-19th. Our school personnel will continue to implement the district’s COVID cleaning procedures as outlined in the Return to Learn Guide. I urge our families to continue self-assessing and keeping students with any signs of illness at home.

Please be advised that due to increasing COVID numbers within our community, KUSD will transition back to an AB schedule beginning the week of November 23rd with the intent to continue the model through the end of the semester, ending December 17th.  This model will allow staff and students a better opportunity to socially distance and reduce possible exposures in the school setting. You will receive information from your child’s school regarding the AB schedule and site programs. Please attend on your scheduled A or B day unless otherwise notified by your school administrator. The KUSD school board and I will continue our collaborative efforts to monitor county data and will continue timely communication with our families and employees throughout this time period.

SPECIAL NOTE: The first week of the AB schedule is Thanksgiving week. ‘A’ students will attend Monday, November 23rd. ‘B’ students will attend Tuesday, November 24th, and all student will work from home on Wednesday, November 25th. Teachers will provide materials for all scheduled work at home days.

On behalf of KUSD, I want to personally thank you for self-assessing for symptoms and checking for a temperature before school each morning, remaining home if you experience any symptoms of illness, and communicating with the school if you or someone in your family tests positive for COVID-19. It will take a community effort to keep our schools open to live instruction. Face coverings will remain a requirement on all KUSD campuses per the state executive order and our board approved Return to Learn Guide.

I look forward to continuing to work with our families and staff to provide educational opportunities during this pandemic. Thank you for being mindful of the safety of all staff and students and respecting the outcomes of our decision-making process. Please check our website regularly at www.kusd.org for the most recent updates and the current instructional model.


Dr. Gretchen Dorner