Welcome to our ’17-‘18 school year. We would like to let you know what is available, in our Cafeteria’s at Kingman Unified School District. We offer breakfast and lunch at all of our Schools. Last year we had the pleasure of serving 195,014 breakfasts and 545,868 lunches. Good nutrition is a vital part of your children’s school performance, so we put forth every effort to provide your children with nutritional meals meeting Federal and State requirements. The prices of meals are as follows:

Breakfast (all schools) $1.00
Elementary Lunch $2.80
Middle School Lunch $2.80
High School Lunch $3.25
Adult Lunch $3.75
Milk only $ .35

Parents you can make online payments, plus monitor your student’s meal accounts by: Logging onto School Nutrition and Fitness. Select “online payments”, which will take you to e-Funds for School web site. Once you have registered, you will notice a “general” tab, this is where you can make donations to help pay down charges of families who are having difficulties paying for their meals.

Please take your parental responsibility of seeing that your student has money for his/her meals. Money left in accounts will carry over to the next year, unless you request a refund. A keypad entry system is used where students will enter their own student ID #, or scan there ID card. High School students are required to have their ID card with them at all times, including to receive their meals.

Checks: NO out-of- town checks will be accepted at the cafeteria. Insufficient checks given to the cafeteria are subject to a returned check fee of $25.00. All returned checks not paid within the allotted time are turned over to the County Attorney for collection.