Transgender Students

Sunday, there was an article in the Kingman Daily Miner on the Transgender Issue that has become a national hot topic. The headlines said “Jacks: KUSD will toe line on transgenders,” “Superintendent says district won’t risk federal funds over who is using which restroom.” These are ​headlines that need ​more​ clarification.

First, the ​KUSD ​School Board must approve any policy we have on transgender students resulting from the federal government’s ​guidelines announcement​​. Second, we must meet the needs and rights of all students. Third, we believe that we can find alternatives that will resolve issues as they arise.

Currently, we are successfully meeting the individual needs of our students and we will continue to do so. ​ We are having a KUSD principals meeting on Thursday to discuss the 25 page federal guidelines on “Supporting Transgender Students.”

We will continue to post updates on this issue as they arise.